Aku Dan Hati Perasaan

I think we need to talk..

About what?

Owh.. That…

(After a while)..

I wish all the best for you.. All the best thing in the world just for you. I hate this part right here to make a decision whereby i know i cant do nothing.. This is a good news.. Its a change .. Yea a drastic change..

Cherish now for  what we have right now… Before that time is up.


4 Responses to “Aku Dan Hati Perasaan”

  1. b, 😦 but i alwiz promise i wont let u go from my life. If u go out from my life for ‘long distance’ reason that u believe, I will regret for entire of my life. U the one and only. N no body can b in my heart. only u. that’s my decision.

  2. berhati2..walaupun dgn si dia, like ugutan saja…!

  3. masalahnya ibu mertuaku… yg mengugut nak meninggalkan saya si tobby ini… bukan saya…

  4. mas tukeran link yuk…link saya taro situ…
    trus konfirmasi ke saya
    tar linknya saya pasang di blog saya..gmn??
    Terima kasih Sebelumnya

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