Aku Dan Karisma

i woke up this morning around 4am .
Seeking for something to do.
Yea. I made a call to a dear friend of mine by the name of Stacy. Shes my future classmate next year
due to my career that im going to face with.

We met at Rafi’s Nasi Kandar Section 13 Ttdi Jaya Shah Alam.(near to my only).
We had a wonderful conversations.we talk and talk and talk.
She does help me something in a way that i never think of it.

One of the topic that we shared is about Personality.

At that point, i kinda familiar with, what people thinking about me and what it is about myself and other
people identify with when i maybe in a public eyes.

Everybody familiar with “Charisma”?
Charisma is about willingness to deal with judgement maybe opinions and  critics..

It is something that so magical that u can draw, kinda attentions to stand out to make people listened and
to make people noticed, that probably essentials kan?

She asked me these serious questions that really does open my mind lil bit. Let me tells her a lil bit
of my story to let her and see my individuality and who i am.

1) Theres someone in the world that i love and the reason that i love them is?

“The person that i love is my god-brother. Because ive been through so much with him and  he let me be “ME”.
He lets me bouncing off the walls and breaks this and that and he still love me for who i am and he just
makes me feels good inside.”

“Ive gone through my life being u know “The BlackSheep” of the family and not having anyone to talk with and
explain my feelings to, and he let me understand things that i could not think about.”

2) The worst thing that i had ever done in your life was?

“I cant fulfill my parents need…. Just coz im not strong enough to handle it”.

Through these questions i know that charisma comes from.. It comes from public self acceptence.
The people that succeed do so not because of how they looked, they do it because they let people see
their individuality for who they are.

If they do not like you.. Go on and suck an egg! hehe


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