Tiësto announces release of new In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia


“9 May EOL DJ set, Port Dickson

10 May EOL DJ set, Port Dickson”

Tiket just RM70.. worth it la babe! call me or 0126571766..( tiket dengan harga ni is LIMITED!!)


Continuing the unique success of his geographically inspired mix compilations, Tiësto looks to explore yet another region by taking us to the Far East this time with In Search of Sunrise 7 – Asia.

In Search Of Sunrise 7 – Asia, which was mixed and recorded in Thailand, captures the peaceful and intensively passionate way of life together with the vigorous activity that Tiësto encountered during his tour through the region this spring. With past stops in Latin America, Los Angeles and last year’s Ibiza, Tiësto shows that Asia gave him the inspiration to deliver a brand new, double disc mix compilation, which beautifully expresses what he experienced on his journeys.

On In Search of Sunrise 7 – Asia, Tiësto offers up a seamless trip through the latest and best trance, house and techno with an Asian flair, spread over two full length discs. ‘I wanted to mix the concept behind ISOS 7 over two separate sets in such a fashion that the listeners can get a proper impression of what it means to tour Asia’, he says. ‘Disc one will dwell on the easy going ambience and overwhelming beauty of the continent, whereas the second disc will focus on the incredible energy of the Asian people I felt during the live sets throughout the Asian tour’.

To support the release of his new mix compilation, Tiësto kicks off a dedicated North American 2008 In Search Of Sunrise Summer Tour, with 36 club shows rolling across the States and Canada on the 13th of June. He will later on host an exclusive two month long residency at Club Privilege in Ibiza. Tiësto will be the resident every Monday, starting on the 7th of July until the closing party on the 22nd of September. Tiësto will deliver his four hour deejay sets in the style of his In Search Of Sunrise series, everything supported by a newly developed and custom made state of the art production.



Pejotx,Xandra dan MixGroup Asia

p/s- saya xbrani janji nk pegi ke tak.. sape yg nk bermalam surely book every hotel kat situ

no drugs! muahaha


One Response to “Tiesto”

  1. thafiexq Says:

    ade hamba Allah ni tidak berpuas hati dengan party tiesto..
    “according to tiesto’s party last weekend.too many side who really want it to be held here again. we are in new millenium should be open up our mind to dat kind of issue. there’s no bad things other than appearence of the teenagers n the beer. dats a thing dat party cant live without. so if our ppl dun wanna dat kind of situation happen again,dun give a permit to dat kind of event.if dat event already got permit,so stop complaining n face the real world!!
    i dun give a damn bout wut ppl talk bout tiesto coz my group having a great time without any problem exist.
    think ppl think!!”

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