exam versi 1

April 24 2008 , Thursday

Today i attended my first exam since its started on Monday. My first paper as “pembuka tirai” is IMS 552 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Nothing much i can say la.. Typical question that surely make my brain want to explode. While im answering one of the question that occur in the question paper my eyes started rain with tears.. i dun know why.. what ar..Then i decided go to the restroom. i wash my face and eyes. Shocking/ly .. hehe no wonder la my eyes merengek . i found several eyelashes in my eyes and it tooks several minutes to get of it.

Honestly, i dun whether i can answer the exam paper or not. Overall, for me is OK la.. I can pass but i dont think i can score..hehe well, i tried my best and we’ll see what happen.

Here, i attached my exam transcript . WHAT?! 11 Papers~!! No worries.. i only gonna seat only for 5 papers. Thank God My Jadual is sooooo not hectic . so, wish me all the best for my incoming papers k.

exam slop


4 Responses to “exam versi 1”

  1. actually..bile u berade pd situation cam tuh,,,,besenye e2 di labelkn bhw kite berade pd thp yg tertekan..under a lot of stress..ape yg sy slalu wat n dis way give me more benefits..dr segi result exam n while sit xam..jgn lupe bwk air mineral n gula2,,xkira lar(halls ke,mentos ke aslkn cam menthol flav(menthol kn cool)…u can eat…jgn bwk baygon sudah..wahahaha)..cz tyme tuh otak kite da byk gnekn tnage n die perlukn pelincir(water n glucosa) tk supply n backup ur energy..e2 yg sy slalu sy amlkn pd setiap ppriksaan besar,dr sek rndah smpai ke U..god willin’..sgt berksn..br bley focus tuk soklan yg setrusny..n dgn usaha u ,doa beserta tawakkal,,sure u bley makin berjy….let’s try yeah… =)

  2. thafiexq Says:

    dear zuhaily > thank u for ur informative comment. betol kate awak. saya ni jenis yang cepat mudah tertekan. xbuleh rase di dalam situasi yang salah lansg. bile rase bersalah ja im gonna be moody, depresss, n pikir yang bukan. ades..

    thank you so much di atas tips yg zuhaily berikan. really appreciated it n pasti saya akan cube tips dari awak.. hehe =)

  3. fiona_lima Says:

    thanks to the lord coz im not attendin any exam no more.. hihi winks* good luck

  4. thafiexq Says:

    fiona_lima > ur workin already? well.. dun say things that u cant predict.. heheh

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